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Business Development as a Service

Create The Noise and Amplify The Echoes

In working working with growth-oriented companies, SUN provides on-demand Business Development leadership and support for growth-oriented companies. This includes the integration of sales, marketing, operations and customer support functions.

SUN’s team has worked with Fortune 100 companies, startups and some of the nation’s leading nonprofits. In doing so, our team has been able to identify best practices for each client and create “right practices” that drive the activity that generates revenue for them.

SUN brings AIDE to our clients in the following manner;

  • ASSESS current state of being as it pertains to current people, processes and technologies; providing organization qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • IDENTIFY areas for improvement as well as shining a light on places of strength within the organization
  • DESIGN “right practice” strategies for immediate, impactful outcomes
  • EXECUTE “right fit” approaches, bringing leadership and coordination of supporting resources

Whether you’ve been in business for years and are looking for a jump start or are a new organization, looking to find your way… SUN can provide what you need, when you need it, helping you achieve your goals.

Support Services

Do you need help in any of the following areas? If you do, SUN can help!

Strategy and Planning

Whether you’re a startup, a “green and growing” company or a mature business who needs a little “kick start”, we can help you navigate a path to the next level…and beyond.

Operations Management

You’re doing all the right things – but sometimes the most impactful thing is not creating the outcome you need.  We’ll look at the how, what, why and when so you can see the end result you’d expect.

Strategic Engagement

You’re not all things to all people so don’t try to be.  Let people who do what you need, do what they do – and we’ll facilitate and manage that process for you.

Taking it to Market

Once you have the value proposition, how do you tell the story?  We’ll work with you to build a plan that’s measureable and sustainable – and we’ll help you get your customer to “yes!”

Sales & Marketing

Nothing happens until your customer buys something. Whether it’s how you’re delivering the message or how your prospects are receiving it, we’ll make sure there’s nothing lost in translation.

Corporate Branding and Messaging

Build corporate branding and messaging that resonates with your customers and engages them to tell others about their positive experiences.

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